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One view of the dialects is that they resulted from differing missionary education policies in the nineteenth century.

Sindebele is a click language of the Nguni group of Bantu languages; other members of this language group are Zulu and Xhosa, which are spoken mainly in South Africa; si Swati (Swaziland); and si Tswana (Botswana).

Most jobs continue to be found in urban areas and employment income rather than income from farming is the most important factor in the standard of living among smallholder families.

The capital, Harare, is located in Mashonaland, which covers the eastern two-thirds of the country and is the area where most Shona-speaking people live.

European culture and values indelibly shaped the urban and rural landscapes, particularly in terms of the use of space, and the structure and practice of government.

Black Zimbabweans have assimilated more white Zimbabwean culture than vice versa.

The Ndebele in the nineteenth century were the first to use the name "Shona" to refer to the peoples they conquered; although the exact meaning of the term is unclear, it was probably derogatory.

Later, white colonists extended the term to refer to all groups that spoke dialects officially recognized as Shona.

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Zimbabwe is named after Great Zimbabwe, the twelfth- to fifteenth-century stone-built capital of the Rozwi Shona dynasty.

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