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— ROU Do Not Congratulate (@braak) May 1, 2018 Man, I was really hoping you weren’t “that” guy.

You’d benefit from listening more and “leading meaningful conversations” less.

It is very clear why you feel the way you do, but that doesn’t obligate me to agree with you. ‍♂️ LYOTY44 — Zachary Levi (@Zachary Levi) May 1, 2018 With all due respect to him, men really shouldn’t be leading debates about what is and isn’t sexist anymore than white people should be leading convos about what is and isn’t racist.

I’m a huge fan of his but this is super disappointing.

I don’t assume to know all the ins and outs of anyone’s life, other than my own.

But I do know that sexism is discrimination based on one’s gender, and racism is discrimination based on one’s race.

Your subsequent behavior has cost you a genuine fan.So when I was told that I can’t lead a meaningful conversation about either sexism or racism because of my gender and the color of my skin, I believe that to be be both sexist and racist. I have dedicated what platform and privilege I have been blessed with to try and break down barriers between all peoples. To help those that feel less than to know the beauty of their true worth. I’m sorry if that’s your take away of my character, as that certainly isn’t my intention.I strive to be someone that never buys into the nonsense of fame and celebrity, because I believe that no life is more or less valuable than any other. I wholeheartedly agree that one should never be silenced based on their gender, or skin color. Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym tied the knot in a secret ceremony after an equally secretive period of dating, his rep confirms to E! But really, no one would have been the wiser if the super-private newlyweds hadn't spilled the beans themselves."And sure enough, Moore just tweeted: "Congrats to @Zachary Levi and @mperegrym on their stunning wedding and beautiful future.Couldn't be happier for my brother & my new sis pal.

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— Shades of Limelight (@Certainshades L) April 30, 2018 I did read the @vicenews article.