Wordpress tag cloud updating

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Wordpress tag cloud updating

While the new tagging feature in 2.3 is a great addition, the wp_tag_cloud tag can be used to display a Tag Archive.What this means is that when a visitor clicks on any particular tag a page displaying the tag cloud and all posts tagged the same will be displayed.

Taxonomy in Word Press is one of those things that everyone use, but they do not know that they are using it.

That means that a cloud for Categories or any other Custom Taxonomies can be presented to visitors.

The child_of Key is not a direct part of the Array in wp_tag_cloud, but because this function uses wp_parse_args() and get_terms(), you can use all Array Keys used by get_terms()!

By default, the usage shows: Use the topic_count_text_callback argument to pass in a new callback function.

The original function default_topic_count_text() is located in /wp-includes/This example changes the title text from the default "topics" to "pictures".

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This would allow you and your users to sort your books by each topic.

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