Wii not updating

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Because of this it's impossible to fix using software, UNLESS you have Boot Mii installed (as boot2) In some cases the latter will be unable to fix this brick.

A broken Bluetooth Module will present the same symptoms, but can only be fixed by replacing the module.

That menu can be triggered by holding down all D-Pad buttons on the GC controller plugged into slot 4, a tab inside the controller needs removed in official GC controllers.If you installed Boot Mii as part of an IOS, then you will need Preloader installed.Go to the HBC via Preloader, then select Launch Boot Mii from the main menu.Since boot2 is required to be working and able load an IOS before the system can run, any errors in this process will render the system inoperable.A LLB cannot be fixed with software and requires hardware modification to be repaired. This allows you to boot Recovery Software from a disc. If you do have a copy of the Indiana Pwns save ALREADY in the Wii, and an authentic LEGO Indiana Jones disc.

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Alternatively, if the user has Preloader installed, they can use it to access the HBC and uninstall the broken channel.

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