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Who is tayler lautner dating

His role won him a number of awards and nominations.Since then, Lautner has seen his fame grow over time.The cover of the famous magazine made headlines around the world and was something that left fans shocked and bemused.However, it was later revealed that the entire thing was fake and the cover of PEOPLE’S magazine was not a legitimate one.As for how they met, it is reported that Tay was a friend of Lautner's sister Makena, who introduced him to Tay.Afterward, both Taylor and Dome raised the hand of friendship, which later turned in to a lovey-dovey relationship.

At the age of eight, he represented his country at the World Karate Association in the twelve years and under division, he won three gold medals in the Junior World Forms and Weapons Champions.So when it comes to net worth, Taylor has amassed quite a large sum during his time as an actor.As of 2019, Lautner has a reported net worth of about million. Over the past years, Lautner has seen his fame reach great heights and is enjoying the best of such.The Michigan native is not only an actor but is also a professional martial artist.

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To the dismay of girls all around the world, Taylor Lautner is dating and in a relationship with Taylor Dome.