Who is queen latifah dating now dating over 50 melbourne

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Who is queen latifah dating now

Although none of them has ever opened up about this affair, Latifah and Jenkins, founder of Hollywood fitness company also attended events together and even bought a home together in 2010.When the relationship seemed over, Latifah found a shoulder to lean on in Eboni.

She had her high school education at Essex Catholic Girls’ High School and after a while there, she transferred to a public school Irvington High School where she completed her high school education.The beautiful Academy-Award nominated star has also followed this up with several other projects and endorsements such as being a celebrity spokesperson for Pizza Hut and Jenny Craig, Cover Girl cosmetics, etc.In addition, she has launched her own line of cosmetics called Cover Girl Queen Collections and is ready to put new engagements on her table at any chance that comes her way.An actress whose name became suggestive of fun and strength since the 1980’s, Queen Latifah is known as one of the most multi-talented actresses and Hollywood boss-lady of all time.She took over the industry as a musician and actress immediately after starting out and has continued to power on with many amazing albums and films to her credit.

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Her popularity has not suffered at all in the ensuing years, but has, in fact, expanded with the her daytime talk show and major Madison endorsement deals.

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