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Who is chelsie hightower dating 2016

She and I talked for two hours afterward and have been friends ever since.I listened that night as she talked about realizing that she couldn't handle the demands of her career on her own and how she came to understand that the Savior's "yoke is easy" and his "burden is light," as it says in Matthew .Hightower felt her purpose was clear and that God was helping her."I knew I had to rely on the Lord and rely on the Spirit to be able to dance the way I wanted to dance and to be able to handle that pressure," Hightower said.She and Bradley Gregory competed together for two years and were trained by some of the best coaches in the world, something her family could not have afforded otherwise.During that time, they represented Team USA in the British Open in England and at a world competition in Latvia. “I knew I was there for a reason, and I knew that whatever that purpose was, that’s what the Lord wanted for my life, and he recognized in me that dance is what helped me become a better person," Hightower said.Which brings us back to her experience in a church pew in New York City, where after hearing a stranger's conversion story, Hightower began to pray.

and I remember thinking it was a no-brainer to me,” Hightower said. ' How could I give up something that is so good and something that I have to have?Hightower's dance career began when she was 9 and her family moved into the boundaries of the only elementary school in the United States with a ballroom dance program. that I was meant to be in that ballroom program, and I was meant to find dance,” Hightower said. the Lord was opening doors for me and guiding my path, and I’ve felt like dance was a part of that path since I was 9 years old.” Three weeks into the program, Hightower's teacher noticed her ability to follow her partner’s lead.The teacher assigned Hightower to be partners with her son, and two years later, the pair won a national title. When she was 12, she auditioned on a whim for Studio 1 Dance Center, a jazz, ballet and hip-hop studio in Orem.She felt prepared, but having previously struggled with anxiety before competitions, she knew she needed extra help.“I didn’t want to do it unless I had the Lord with me, and I knew I couldn’t do it unless he was standing by my side every step of the way,” Hightower said. Her hip-hop performance to Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" was nominated for an Emmy.

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While I am admittedly biased one year later, I wasn’t then.