When does lois and clark start dating

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Superheroes Gotta Look Out For Each Other Too 90Kb Lois and Clark meet a very strange visitor to Metropolis. » Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace The Abuse of Power 7Kb Superman finds himself powerless at the hands of a "villain" he can never defeat. Between a Rock and a Hard Place 5Kb Lois and Clark talk about childhood pets, including Clark's troublesome pet rock. The Blueberry People 8Kb Clark tells a story to pass the time while making breakfast.

Alone at Last 5Kb A romantic dinner for two leads to a difficult decision and an important realization. Burning the Midnight Coffee 5Kb What would have happened if Wayne Irig had talked to the Kents before sending out his meteor sample for testing?

Clark's Pet Peeve 3Kb Coming home from a date with Lois, Clark is surprised to find another woman waiting for him. The Discovery 1Kb A short scenario in which a mysterious villain deduces the secret identity of Superman.to find out that the world is imperiled by a fast-approaching asteroid.And to further complicate her life, there's this amnesiac -- sweet, cute, *naked* -- she finds in a blast crater.Are they ready to start a relationship, or are there still unresolved issues with Superman?» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace Nightmare on Hyperion Avenue 142Kb Jaxon escapes from the Metropolis Asylum for the Criminally Insane, planning on taking revenge on the pesky reporters who put him there.

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A baby left in Lois and Clark's house turns out to have family connections.