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The process of Relative Dating was established by Nicholaus Steno in the 1600's.

Steno developed a set of Laws (Steno's Laws) to help explain his method of inferring the ages of geological structures.

You will investigate Steno's Laws, radiometric dating, and then visit an interactive site that will help you better understand how to tell time - with geology! As you proceed through Assignment 4, be sure to compare your answers from "If Scientists Think. ." to the actual methods scientists use to estimate the age of prehistoric objects.

Because this assignment is linked with your work in Assignment 3, you will have "If Scientists Think. Before scientists had modern technology to assist them in their research, they had to use their power of observation to infer the relative ages of the rocks they were studying.

Continue to the Radiometric Dating portion of this assignment through use of a virtual web site.

You have probably heard of mummies that have been dated with the Carbon-14 method.

Visit the following site and read about each of Steno's laws (principles).

Keep these principles in mind as you progress through the rest of the activities in this assignment.

You worked in small groups and as a class to complete the "If Scientists Think. Today's assignment will allow you to compare and contrast your ideas to some of the actual methods scientists used to develop an estimation of the age of the Earth.

Following this introduction, there are several links to different sites concerning the methods scientists use to assist them in estimating the age of the Earth.

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This section covers the submission of standard sample types.

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