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Just be careful when picking out the right one, as there is a Daydream version of the Z5 that is not compatible with i Phone.

Buy now: Amazon | .97Previously Android-only, this Freefly headset, the Beyond, adds i Phone capability up until the i Phone XS.

It's also suitable for glasses-wearers, with space for specs inside the faux leather, interchangeable seal.

If headsets aren't really your thing, Homido also makes a pair of VR glasses, although the effect will be far less pronounced than a HMD.

You can get an unofficial Cardboard headset for under on Amazon, and with some of them you can get a strap and NFC so it powers up the app on command.

There's also the official Cardboard from Google, which is compact and foldable.

We’ve picked out some of the very best for you here.

Buy now: Amazon | If you're looking for a low cost of entry to VR, they don't come much cheaper than an i Phone-compatible Cardboard kit.

This model has also dropped in price significantly.

The DLX VR has a redesigned smartphone mount to work with more sizes of i Phone, as well as Android, headphone support and upgraded lenses from the first attempt. There are now a couple designs, like the iconic View-Master design with a modern twist and Ninja Turtle and Batman skins with bundled-in experiences.

Buy now: Amazon | .99Upping the tech stakes, the second generation Homido VR headset still offers a 100-degree field of view, compatibility with the newest i Phones all the way back to the 5S, all wrapped up in a slimmer design.

While we might all still be waiting for an official Apple VR headset, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of VR headset options for your i Phone.

Whether you’re looking for an i Phone VR headset for an i Phone 5s or something more recent like an i Phone XS Max, there’s a multitude of VR headsets that can accommodate i Phones of different sizes.

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And since the speakers will only sync up with traditional headphone ports and not Lightning, those with phones living that #nojack life will have to bring their dongle along.

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