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The Home Premium upgrade version has dropped and the Ultimate upgrade version has dropped .The Home Premium full version has dropped and the Ultimate full version has dropped .Mike Ybarra, general manager of product management of Windows, told Ars that Microsoft had three choices for the release of Windows 7 E: delay the whole release of Windows 7 to make sure everyone gets the release of Windows 7 at the same time and without any upgrade problems, delay the release of Windows 7 just in Europe and have this market wait till Windows 7 E passes all upgrade tests, or don't offer upgrade versions at all.Microsoft chose the last solution, and it's actually a pretty good one, for both Microsoft and consumers.

Unlike Vista, every edition of Windows 7 is a superset of the previous edition, so you will not lose any features when upgrading.Those are the only differences when comparing Windows Vista prices to Windows 7 prices after Microsoft made cuts in in February 2008 (compared to the ones announced in September 2006).The table below summarizes the slow drop in cost for Windows Vista and Windows 7 in the US: Comparing the Windows Vista retail pricing at launch to the Windows 7 retail pricing at launch, the differences are much more notable.The installer will verify that XP is genuine and Windows 7 will have to be installed on the same partition as the XP installation.The good news is that Microsoft is allowing XP users to buy the cheaper upgrade version if they want to (Microsoft typically lets owners of the two previous releases of Windows to do this, in this case XP and Vista).

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Microsoft announced two weeks ago that it was shipping Windows 7 in Europe without Internet Explorer 8 installed in response to the EU's antitrust investigation of its browser with Windows.