Validating registration forms using javascript

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For ‘selections’ like drop down and radio group, use an appropriate validation like ‘dontselect’ or ‘selone_radio’.

This validation descriptor is valid only for drop down lists.

It is getting error in console please give me help.

It is a registration form with Java Script validation.

So here is the Regular expression pattern:/^[A-Z][0-9] ?

[0-9][A-Z]$/i The i at the end of the pattern is to indicate that this is a case insensitive match.

The Java Script provides you the facility to validate the form on the client side so processing will be fast than server-side validation.

In this tutorial you will see how to use regular expressions to validate.

Through a list of examples , we will build a script to validate phone numbers , UK postal codes, along with more examples.

Then I created my regular expression and attached it to a variable called phone RGEX notice that I did not need to wrap the regular expression in quotes this is because javascript natively recognizes regular expressions so there is no need to create them as strings then convert them.

Then I created a variable that contains the result of running the test() function on the phone Number string which will be a boolean that contain either true if the string matches our regular expression or false if it does not.

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In this all the inputs are mandatory and email address entered should be in correct format.

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