Validating optical motion capture assessments of personals and dating webs

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Science is something to be respected – and as usual, if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.So, how we use biomechanics data to improve performance and maybe reduce the chance of injury?Off-the-shelf systems were too expensive to purchase at the time, running in the low six figures to even get started, but high-speed cameras like the Casio Exilim EX-FH2 were hitting the market at ~0.

At Driveline Baseball, we are pushing markerless technology forward by planning hundreds of test cases of marker-based situations vs.The secret to all biomechanics and motion capture boils down to a few fairly simple equations, first proposed by Abdel-Aziz and Dr. These form the basis of what is called Direct Linear Transformation (DLT).Once you read it, you’ll know the secret to solving all the injuries that happen in baseball athletes at the elbow, basketball players at the knee, and use the power of joint torque prediction and analysis to revolutionize the game!A good example of this is Trevor Bauer, and combined with our biomechanical reports and screenings he gets done elsewhere besides Driveline Baseball, we can tailor his program to be high-volume responsibly.He needs high-intensity training like throwing 3 ounce underload baseballs 116 MPH, because if he doesn’t keep the intensity up, he loses fastball velocity very quickly, something he found out in 2013 when he was tinkering with his programming.

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What I slowly began to realize – and how we use biomechanical data at Driveline Baseball now – is that this data is part of a larger thumbprint, an increasingly vital part of an athlete’s assessment.