Updating your psp with usb cable

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wiki How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. You can charge your Play Station Portable (PSP) with either the AC adapter connected to a wall outlet or with a mini USB connected to your computer.The PSP has an estimated battery life of around four to five hours and you may need to completely charge your PSP in order for any software updates to complete. (using Pandora Battery MSD Pro) 3.02 OE-A (Original SONY Firmware to Custom Firmware)- Download ‘302OE.rar’ ( Extrack file ‘302OE.rar’- Connect PSP to PC via USB cable- Copy “oeupdmaker” and “oeupdmaker%” to: /PSP/GAME/- Download 150and 302firmwares [Download 1.50 Firmware] PBP (File is on 3.52 M33 updater package)*if it is not, download the original 1.50 Firmware (just google it), then after download process finish, RENAME it to "150.pbp" *- M33CREATOR2. An Error while updating PSP will cause “BRICK” or “SEMI BRICK” (recoverable), do it with your own risk.05. ), don't throw your PSP yet, because there is still solution for it. )File needed for updating to 3.52 M33:- M33CREATOR0.Downloading and installing the PSP® (Play Station®Portable) system software update will update your PSP® system's operating system to include the latest security patches, settings, features and other items.

UPDATE from 1.5 — 3.10 OE-A (SONY Original Firmware to Custom Firmware)- Download ‘310oe_a.rar’ ( Extrack file ‘310oe_a.rar’- Connect PSP to PC via USB cable- Copy oeupdmaker and oeupdmaker% to: /PSP/GAME/- Download 150and 310.pbp: 310.pbp- Copy those 2 files to “oeupdmaker” folder. PBP (File is on 3.52 M33-4 updater package)- Seplugins\popsloader\prx go (File is on 3.52 M33-4 updater package)[connect PSP to PC via USB CABLE]Copy all files to:- PSP\GAME150\M33Update4\EBOOT. )File needed for updating to 3.71 M33 :- Sdk\include\(11 files) (Files are on 3.71 M33 updater package)- Sdk\lib\(14 files) (Files are on 3.71 M33 updater package)- Sdk\ramtestsample\(3 files) (Files are on 3.71 M33 updater package)- *UPDATE\(2 files) (Files are on 3.71 M33 updater package)*it requires 1 more file to start Updating process- download SONY Firmware 3.71- After downloaded, RENAME it to : 371. In this case you can update directly from the UMD™.Notice The update data contained in software for the PSP® system (UMD™) is the latest version available at the time of the software release.BY DOWNLOADING THE PSP SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE, YOU ARE INDICATING THAT YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE SYSTEM SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT LOCATED system software version 6.60 update includes the following: Music To use Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™ application with system software version 6.60, you must update the application to the latest version. Select [Version Information] from the menu that is displayed. Follow the instructions to download and complete the update.To download and update the latest version of the Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™ application: 1. PSN System software stability during use of some features has been improved. Notices Before starting the update, you must do the following: .

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You can however use Codestation‘s tool QCMA which allows you to do the exact same things, offline.

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