Updating to mac x 10 4

Posted by / 06-Jan-2020 15:52

The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on how to update the version of PHP included with OS X 10.4.x Tiger Server.

DO NOT USE this document to update PHP on 10.5.x Leopard Server. It will guide you through updating to the latest version of PHP4 without breaking Server Admin functionality.

Furthermore you will be shown how to update to the latest version of PHP5, while retaining most of Server Admin’s functionality.

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A common reason is to include support for the GD2 libraries.

My niece just bought the sims 3 and the minimum required is leopard 10.5.7 to play it on a mac.

HI, I recently went thru this with my 2007 Mac Book also. But until then you will just have to grab all of your important data and copy it to an external drive or online storage depending on what you have and how much data you want to save.

I upgraded to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8) and found that alot of nagging problems, for me, disappeared. I think Snow Leopard is a good and useful upgrade and will probably buy you a few more years with this machine, probably worthwhile considering it's only . The other option is do use a program like Super Duper or something to clone your entire drive and its contents..

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It will have to do for now and I don't want to lose it and can't find the old disc or serial numbers for it.