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The options “Allow User to Cancel Event”, “Shutdown after Maintenance”, and “Disable Keyboard and Mouse” can be enabled if desired.

EXE" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Live Update\LUALL.

This has the advantage of being one of the less difficult methods to configure but does require that the workstations have a period of time where they will not be used and can be configured to update automatically.

Configuring Symantec Enterprise Protection to update with Deep Freeze Symantec Enterprise Protection supports the use of a command line function that can be used to trigger antivirus updates when the workstations enter into maintenance mode. Configure your Deep Freeze install package as per your normal requirements, including passwords and other settings that may be required.

Antivirus software by design requires periodic updates to maintain it’s effectiveness on a client workstation, and problems may arise unless steps are taken to ensure that the antivirus software can perform updates in a timely manner. EXE" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Live Update\LUALL.

Scheduled are used to configure the antivirus software to update in a timeframe where Deep Freeze will not be protecting the workstations. Select Batch File in the Task Type drop down and click Add. Name the event “Symantec Antivirus” in the Name field. Select the frequency for the updates to occur in the Day drop down and set the start and end time for the event. The options “Allow User to Cancel Event”, “Shutdown after Maintenance”, and “Disable Keyboard and Mouse” can be enabled if desired.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), formerly known as Symantec Anti Virus, is a virus and spyware scanning program developed by Symantec Corporation.

CUIT has purchased student licenses for Symantec Endpoint Protection.

If you would like to have SEP installed on a University-managed computer (managed by a department outside of CUIT*), please have your IT support person/team contact CUIT Security to purchase Symantec licenses.

The biggest offenders, two weaknesses within Microsoft's Remote Desktop Service, allow for systems to be exploited remotely without any authentication or user interaction.

These bugs not only affected all users of Windows 10, but also Windows 7, 8.1, Windows Server 2008 (R2 SP1), and Windows Server 2012.

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Overview This document will detail the recommended practice for configuring a 3rd party antivirus solution to update properly when Deep Freeze is protecting a workstation.