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Updating rockbox

Our instructions tell you to simply set your computer to show hidden and system files.

You'll need to simply put a valid fwimg01there, either the one you backed up (as per the instructions) or another copy of the one downloaded from the Rockbox site, this time without running it through an external program.

I used the April 1st build [No april fools jokes please] :(" title="Angry" class="smiley" /I used the manual instructions to install but I couldnt find the GBSYSTEM folder so I went to the mygigabeat forums and discovered I could use winrar to move them.

umm'd and ahh'd and then took the plunge.i followed the procedure in the manual.

Greg Actually, you can overwrite if you don't plan on going back to the original firmware.

I've been using Rockbox since I think Dec last year. Â With Video rebuffering now, Playlist on the fly, more codecs than you can shake a stick at, and a parametric EQ, amongst a whole slew of other things, why would you!

 This is a version of the GBSYSTEM folder with dummy files in it so that Rockbox can boot faster.  (You could just right click and drag the zip file to the K:\ drive and select extract here. Now try these instructions to get Rockbox installed.

Battery on, battery off...all i get is a gigabeat load screen and then it shutdowns when the load bar gets to the end...windows does not recognise anything so it is a little hard to reformat in either windows or with the gigabeat reformatterat this stage i would like a clean install of either rockbox or the toshiba firmware installed back on the machine.It was written to enable the installation of the Rockbox bootloader but also has uses as a general-purpose ipod tool, with the ability to backup and restore the firmware partition and install the Ipod Linux bootloader.It supports modifying the firmware on both Winpods (i.e.The latest release of ipodpatcher (v5.0 with v4.0 bootloaders) is available here: If you need a precompiled, standalone bootloader, look here.To compile ipodpatcher with embedded bootloaders, read and follow the instructions at the top of the Makefile.

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I tried to paste the whole folder i downloaded onto the gigabeat [root] and it said that it already existed [eventhough i could not see it and HIDDEN FILES were being shown] it then asked" do you want to overwrite the folder." I was smart enough to say NO!