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Regards, Geoff Hi Len, Another you might take a look at is Poweramp V2 available as a fully functioning trial. Allows use of file based set lists that you can prepare on a PC then transfer to the phone.

Will display embedded artwork or lyrics from the MP3 file.(I use the artwork feature to display a chord chart)You can specify particular folders as those containing the music files you want to include. Doesn't seem to get confused by the Google Music Player updating it's own music database. I have evaluated quite a lot of music players including Songer Pro but Poweramp has the combination of features that suit me.

Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.I've been bought a Samsung Galaxy tablet as a gift and it's a nice little piece of gear.I think it would be ideal for playing backing tracks through an amp or PA, so I want something capable of creating playlists. Sally C.(livejournal) Sony Sylvia Tasha Ting Yin Triplets Vanessa S.Does anyone know of any good music player apps for Android tablets?

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It was just way too many compromises for a $4200 instrument. It's all opinion of course, but I see one as a trivial convenience, and the other as an absolute necessity for a board of this type.

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