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Exec SQL; I believe the asker was thinking about the data integrity, that means, ensure that only all the tables will updated or none... A Boolean value that specifies whether or not local changes, as indicated by the Status property, should be committed.This statement provides a list of orders and the customers that placed those orders.

In the first line of code, an instance of a Sql Connection is created.

Introduction In this article I am performing simple operations like save, delete, update and search operations in a Windows Forms application. In the finally block I am closing the Sql Connection by the Close() method.

In this example my database name is "STUDENT" and database table is "student_detail" which has four columns as "roll_no", "s_name", "age" and "course". Then I am calling the Execute Non Query() method in a try block.

If the Recordset object supports batch updating, you can cache multiple changes to one or more records locally until you call the Update Batch method.

If you are editing the current record or adding a new record when you call the Update Batch method, ADO will automatically call the Update method to save any pending changes to the current record before transmitting the batched changes to the provider.

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The same as writing SQL Statements for performing various operations.