Tyler perry and taraji henson dating

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And like we said, Taraji’s inner “Cookie” will surface if you try her.

So “Cookie” didn’t hesitate to step up and address the fan for doggin’ Taraji on her own page…

Seeing Phylicia Rashad’s character interact with Cookie’s rawness and feisty ways should be interesting in itself. Nia Long playing a villain will be a new notch under her Hollywood belt. ’ Another interesting thing about seeing so many A-list actors under one “roof” so to speak, is that just a little over 4 or 5 years ago, many A-listers considered starring in TV series as being beneath them, or as a graveyard for an actor’s career.

But ever since shows like “Scandal,” Empire and others have dominated the airwaves, there’s been a shift in that overall perception and we, the viewers are more than happy for that shift because really, TV shows would still be boring asa hell without a lil’ spice from ‘Olivia Pope and Associates’ or the ‘Empire family dynasty.’ ILOSM fam’ will you be watching Empire’s upcoming episodes?

Remember the days when fans were respectful and simply in awe of celebrities whenever they were fortunate enough to happen across one of them in public?

Well people, those days are long gone and fans are loving this new age era of getting up close and brutally honest with celebs at will. Now somebody please pass the popcorn this way while we keep trolling these comments out here in these social media streets 😂 😂 😂 . “Cookie” and “Lucious Lyon” are about to get a new rival on the show and she is probably someone you wouldn’t typically consider to be a rival.

Her interactions with Cookie, Lucious and the rest of the Lyon clan will expose the class divides that can exist within the Black community.

Now THIS should be interesting for three reasons: 1. Rashad, Nia, Terence, Taraji, Taye Diggs, on one show, you know it’s gonna be poppin!

Word on the Old School curb is that they’ve been dating for a YEAR and we don’t know how in the world they kept this hidden, but somehow they did…

Henson) even as she reckons with her own mysterious past.

Via TVLine: Cookie’s potential romance with Taye Diggs has hit the mother of all snags.

“[Tyler said to Monique] When he said ‘I was shocked to know what y’all quotes are. Henson’s quote is and what Octavia [Spencer’s] quote is. I then said, ‘Well Tyler, you’re in the position to pay us fairly.

See the quotes you gave us, they were right, but that’s what our white sisters are getting. ILOSM family remember we previously told you that there was talk of trouble in paradise between Taraji P. Well it looks like they are still involved, but it seems that trouble is still brewing based on what Taraji has just shared…

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The fan still had to get the last word and concluded with this…

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