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The new iteration of “Paradise Hotel” will encourage viewers to play along at home, using social media to try and influence what happens on screen, including who stays and who goes.“Jersey Shore” producer Sally Ann Salsano of 495 Productions will executive produce alongside Becca Walker and Celia Taylor of Mentorn Media, the original creators of the “Paradise Hotel” format.One of Dad's old friends and former bandmates is sent to Rel's hospital as a patient, but when Rel learns that their friendship ended unpleasantly, he, Nat and Brittany look into the reason why Dad's band, "The Dragons," disbanded in the first place.Rel soon befriends a person at the hospital when a dangerous blizzard forces the entire town to bunker down where they are until it passes; Nat and Brittany are stuck inside a bar across town alongside Brittany's emotional ex-boyfriend.Nick's warm and supportive parents, Rose and Walt, embrace Clem and complete the family she always wanted.But when Clem’s wild-child half-sister, Shannon, appears on their doorstep to escape their train wreck of a dad, Nick agrees that Clem can help her avoid all the mistakes she made, and they invite her to move in.As the family Clem chose and the family she has blend, Clem realizes that this happy fam may be the perfection she's been seeking.

Guests include Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Tig Notaro, and more. (Showtime) Showtime's first true crime docuseries focuses on the Ethan Brown book of the same name, investigating the mysterious murders of eight women in a small town in Louisiana in the 2000s. (HBO) Jay and Mark Duplass' anthology series returns with 12 new episodes about an additional crop of guests who pass through the seemingly normal motel room and their various, odd stories. (Netflix) A dramatic series adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning story "An Unbelievable Story of Rape"about a serial rapist and the teenaged victim charged with lying about what truly happened to her.(CBS) Chuck Lorre's latest comedy follows a man who suffers a heart attack and instantly falls for his nurse the second he wakes up in the hospital. (NBC) Bradley Whitford plays a former Ivy League music professor who relocates to a small town and takes on the role as their church choir director in this upcoming sitcom. Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bette Midler, Zoey Deutch, and many others also star. , the series chose to appropriately change things up for its final season -- which actually lasts only one episode in the form of a two-hour musical about Tambor's character's death. (Netflix) Based on the comic book by Dennis Liu, this new sci-fi series focuses on a single mother who's bewildered once her young son begins to develop special powers. in their small town, and there's definitely more where that came from!Billy Gardell, who collaborated with Lorre on one of his other series (FOX) A new series about a criminal psychologist (Tom Payne) who's able to help the FBI with a particularly unique perspective, considering his father (Michael Sheen) was a serial killer. (CBS) This supernatural series pairs a psychologist with a priest-in-training to look into potentially otherworldly forces at work in their town to see if science or something (un)holy is at work. (Hulu) It's been a long road for the beloved young adult novel by John Greene to see the on-screen treatment, but it's finally coming in the form of a series adaptation to Hulu.Brittany's estranged mother unexpectedly arrives with the intent of reconnecting with her daughter, but as Rel persuades her to give her mom another chance, Brittany remains unsure of how much her mother has changed compared to her claims.Rel decides to start seeing a therapist in the hopes of coming to better terms with the loss of his mother; Dad comes up with a plan to "celebrate" her passing until he finds himself struggling to maintain complete control over his emotions.

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