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Posted by / 08-Jan-2020 07:08

First, you will need to access the User file you wish to export from.Open the program, then click "File -This issue is caused by the User ID and Password entered in Turbo Lister not matching the information on the e Bay site.With the CSV feature in Turbo Lister, the e Bay Picture Services and Item Specific details will be dropped for the listings.

A new user profile will create a new user database, and allow you to create new items.2) Reboot your computer, and open the Turbo Lister program.Do a manual update by clicking "Tools - Check for Program Updates".Also, even if you do not use Internet Explorer, you will need to have version 5.01 or newer installed on your computer.Turbo Lister uses components of Internet Explorer to communicate between your computer and the e Bay API.

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