System notsupportedexception updating is not supported by data source

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NET web application in VB such that I won't get this error anymore?

I'm trying to edit an entry and then click "update" to update the entry on my website but then this error shows up. I have the following configured datasourced datatable on my web application: The Sql Data Source object has no way of knowing the precise way to update the table(s) of your application unless you specify an section within the properties of the Sql Data Source.

Efes Bet Client proxy = new Efes Bet Client(); public ICommand Do Something Command public Main Window View Model() List As you can see in my Load() method in my View Model first I am getting match List (which is a list of a Data Contract Class) from my Service. TIA I'm sorry, what I meant was that the data source does not support automatic insert/update/delete through its IData Source Control/Data Source View interfaces, which is what Grid View uses. Edit Index = -1 ' Cancel the event, so the grid view doesn't try to make the data source do an auto update, and we avoid the 'method not supported error'... Cancel = True End Sub Hi I tried to use Template Field instead using Command Field then it removed the error because it avoid calling method from XMLData Source. For Command Name attribute, do not use "Edit", "Update" or "Cancel" because it will try to call specified method from XMLData Source and will give Error. I can get the selected row from the grid, but how can I update the XML file with this data? Here is the code that I've written looking at your solution, but Key(0) would return the value and not the key and hence nothing is getting updated.The Xml Data Source don't support updates and of that reason the Xml Data Source View's Update method will throw the Not Supported Exception. This mean that it support automatic inserting, updating and deleting. I don't see any way of manipulating event arguments. in the gridview i have few textbox, dropdownlist and one usercontrol when the user click on EDIT ( i have button called EDIT) then user able to modify the data and when the user hit UPDATE (i have update button) then i want to execute the code and rebind to gridview when i first display the gridivew i'm retriving the data from object called People make sense? - You don't have to use it all, but it is highly recommended. The Grid View fires the Update command that was setup in the ODS Update tab to save the update to the DB. It sure makes life easier, and with the proper use of the events provided, you can accomplish just about anything you need to without writing your own code for the buttons. Since you are not using a Details View, you only need one Data Source (ODS in your case). I've got to step out for a while, so I hope the other thread will answer you questions. You need an identifier just before the method so that VS will know to make this selection available to you in the Configure Data Source dialog box.

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