Speed dating how to organize

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Speed dating how to organize

She is currently looking to expand to serve more cities in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe region, so people throughout California can come together and make the world a little kinder, happier, and more loving.Jenn is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow her following and launch innovative projects to make dating a more enjoyable and straightforward experience.A singles-oriented charitable event can make burnt out daters feel optimistic again, and it can do a world of good for the community.“So far, everyone has been extremely excited for the additional social activities and the ability to meet more people face to face,” Jenn said.The new company will be a force for good in Northern California, and Jenn will encourage her clients to make a difference and make a friend at events that involve acts of charity.“Launching the new company gave me an opportunity to partner up with nonprofits and plan fun, unique events,” she said.

In 2012, Jenn was crowned The Queen of Dating because of her talent for advising singles in Sacramento. Brian Events, to plan memorable weddings, proposals, vacations, and other love-oriented events throughout Northern California. She graduated college with honors and then earned her master’s degree and teaching credentials in multiple subjects, including history and special education.Throughout her career as a dating coach, Jenn has given her clients the hope and inspiration they need to move forward and find love.Now she intends to touch their hearts in a deeper way by organizing events where they can be social and charitable at the same time.It’s not often you see a dating coach dedicate herself so completely to giving back, and that altruistic drive has made The Queen of Dating reign supreme.Many of Jenn’s loyal subjects have welcomed her charitable endeavors as a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of dating.

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She has made a name for herself by organizing unique speed dating and singles events while also coaching singles in dating seminars and one-on-one sessions. On a mission to make the world a kinder place, The Queen of Dating has recently partnered with nonprofits and dating professionals to host charitable events that bring singles together and support a good cause. She became a teacher to help others thrive in the academic world, but she soon wanted to help people succeed in other areas of life as well.

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