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Members are welcome to “chat” at times other than Ms. ”; “I’m going to spank you …” This site is not a sexual spanking site.

Margaret’s’ assigned time, don’t interrupt an ongoing scene or try to join one in progress without being invited. ”; “I need a spanking …”; “Anyone out there single?

This refers to someone who uses such come on lines like: “Any bad girls/boys out there need a spanking?

Do not use this just to get out of a spanking with Ms. Margaret is scheduled, as well as anytime you are in the room, please do not be a HNG (Horny Net Geek).

Satisfy you’re every desire from one place on one site with one or multiple Hosts!

The choice is yours, remember you are in full control!

Features private resort with no families or children.

We use the Delphi site for our chats, and it also has a forum that we use. First, you must become a member of our Yahoo group!!!!!! Entering this chat room is like entering someone’s home. Become a part of the conversation at a polite pace. Don’t interrupt, rudely change the subject, shout or swear. They help build trust and communication before anything else. It makes for confusion and is the same as interrupting. Margaret will not involve new visitors in spanking until they feel more comfortable with being here. We don’t like asking if you’re a male or female, top or bottom. If you are “playing” as a top, avoid bratting yourself while you are in the role of a top.

Margaret tries to be available Mon–Thu, pm–9 pm EST. Please avoid using comments of a sexual/erotic nature. When creating your own chat time to meet with others, remember that everything here is based on .

We have upgraded our chat platform to be fully in flash compared to most competitors who use outdated java platform.

We have hundreds of users online at any time of the day & we are the fastest growing Spanking chat on the net.

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