Socorro cam4

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And wouldn't apt take care of the init scripts then?

The reason why that happened is because after wpa_supplicant has established an encrypted connection, it will then again call ifup, and requests it to map the physical interface 'wlan0' onto some other logical interface, which in most cases is named 'default'.

As per ethernet, My own /e/n/i has simply: OK, I've tried this a few different ways.Then there are those that dress ‘nice and neat’; they look like they’re trying to emulate their parents or something.Thirdly, you get the label junkies and that’s just plain boring anyway.- Oct 24, 2012 - added commands for systemd instead of init For one reason or another, people may desire to rid themselves of network manager.WICD is an alternative, but due to a lack of development, WICD may or may not fall to the wayside soon.

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