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Emil Sarnogoev founded Ska Date in 2004 to support dreamers and doers in the industry with a niche company that delivers proven dating software.Emil had created a dating site himself and felt his coding ability would be valuable to entrepreneurs who didn’t have the tech-savvy or know-how to get their ideas for a dating site off the ground. The small business owner had the idea, and Ska Date supplied the tools to execute it.However, not all creative types have the coding ability to develop and design an entire website. This software company is a one-stop shop for small businesses looking to launch a dating site.The team can customize every detail of the platform from the membership levels to the messaging system so it suits the needs of your niche.“The mobile market is moving very fast,” Zima noted.“As a software vendor, we have to be ready to react quickly to the rising demands.

“Whatever lies ahead, our R&D will also be ready.” At the beginning of the mobile boom, any startup with a decent design could get its app in the App Store.

Dating Pro's headquarters is in Sarasota, Florida, and was founded in 2000.

Dating Pro competes in the Personal Services industry.

The Scoop: You may have a fantastic, paradigm-shifting idea for a dating site, but that’s only half the battle.

You also need the technical tools to get that idea off the ground.

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I’m just happy that my team is always on the money on what lies ahead.” Zima told us that PWA technology can give dating sites the ability to look and feel like a dating app when accessed from a mobile device. PWAs have made doing business on the web less cumbersome and costly for small business owners, and that’s right in line with Ska Date’s mission.