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If we are honest with ourselves, these thoughts have crossed our minds as single mothers.

Can we tell you about the story of Mary and Joseph, the parents of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? At some point we have all made these wonderful plans of where we’d all be in ten years post high school or college.

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Set Your LYSL Intention: Sometimes, when people talk about singleness, they make it sound like a disease to get over, and to get over fast. What God Says About Marriage: I’ll drill down into 2 big questions to kick us off, and then REMIND YOU with some tough-love of your worth as we dig into Scripture’s view of marriage.

Even though we did not win, we praise God for the chance to be a Christian light on National TV.

It took about 18 hours for us to arrive at the Heavy Reign Conference. As millennials, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a mindset that says you must be making moves (with digital proof or it never happened) or you aren’t doing anything with your life.

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“Most people don’t wait long enough on me.” –God Wow! ” For some reason, hearing “not yet” hurts more than hearing “no.” We think it’s because, when God says “not yet,” we know the good thing is coming,... Apparently, you have to go outside and let people see you.

God our creator knows our purpose and everything that we need to excel in life is in the Bible.

We were friends for 6 months and on December 10, 2010 he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We currently do not have any children, but we know that one day in God’s perfect timing He will bless us with children.

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  1. But don’t forget the negative aspect of anonymity over the internet; your latest love interest might be a 50 year old truck driver pretending. Open nonverbally before you start talking to someone. Unlike other online chat sites, you don't have to wait for people to respond.

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