Shutdown is busy updating waiting for lock

Posted by / 05-Jul-2020 17:18

And of course, the "minor problem" that Oracle doesn't provide DEBs.

Unfortunately, being the obedient user that you are, you follow the instructions and continue staring optimistically at the words for many an hours.

Continue narrowing down your search till you reach the specific service triggering the error.

Once identified, either search further support from the concerned manufacturer, or keep the process disabled to prevent further problems.

Looking at the different versions of the source code that you can find on the net (Google), it is clear that the get Task method and friends have had a lot of work done on them between (early) Java 1.6 and (current) Java 1.7. This is hardly a show stopper ...) And while you are in the area, don't forget to vote on this RFE to provide the debian package/installer for Java 7.

I suggest that you try upgrading your JVM to either the latest Java 1.6 or to Java 1.7. For the record, this mess is largely a result of Oracle withdrawing licensing for OEM redistibution which mean that the "sun-java-6" package had to be withdrawn.

To undo this alteration, use the System Restore feature and fall back to a previously created restore point.Method 2: Repair system files using SFC scan This is a command-line tool that scans for corrupted files crucial to the system, and automatically initiates a repairing process.Run this command using the steps mentioned below: Note: This method may require you to insert the Windows installation DVD to extract missing/damaged system files from the media Method 3: Log in using a different account Sometimes, the concerned error may be occurring only the specific account.You could also open the Activity Monitor application and check if there is a corrupted process. Or by debugging it from Terminal The Microsoft Office Installer should have an icon in the Dock, just right-click it and choose "Quit" for hold the option key and choose "Force Quit" then shutdown or run the installer again.Your computer can't be restarted now, because software is being installed. I have had to do that a couple of times due to hangs during the Office 2013 install, although I did not do a shutdown, just force quit and run installer again has worked for me.

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