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Have you ever felt the stirring of new life so rich and free?

Have you lingered in this valley, Western beauties here to see?

MCKAY LIBRARY 3 1404 00481 3082 N l^1^Ug033 p AVrfn o f'/fc X^y LIBRARY RICKS COLLEGE f^EXBURG. Grace, Idaho 1977 Copyright 1977 ^ By The Grace Literary Club Printed by Keith W. Hubbard and his wife Elsie, who did so much to help.

IDAHO 83460-0406 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from Brigham Young University-Idaho OOsimnn "GEMS" OF OUh VALLEY A written and pictorial history of Gem Valley — located in Southeastern Idaho along the Bear River 181 1-1977 and the people who have lived there. FOREWARD If love is an essential ingredient of service, then this book, "GEMS" of OUR VALLEY, is a labor of love.

to Ralph Adamson for his marvelous sketches for our title pages and his photography ... Simmons and Dorothy Adams for proof-reading our manuscript without charge . Co-Editors: Vivian Simmons Ruth Varley VI TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Ill Forward IV Preface V Acknowledgments VI "Have you ever lived in Gem Valley? 55 Beaver Dams 60 "Gem Valley Pioneers" — Poem by Elsie Hubbard 68 Chapter III THE LAST CHANCE 7i Life-blood of Our Valley 73 The Banquet 80 Chapter IV THE POWER COMPANIES 87 Telluride and Utah Power and Light Company 89 The "Dinky" Engine 96 Chapter V GEM VALLEY INDUSTRY 97 Cattle and Sheep Country 99 The Lumber Mills 104 Farming — Then and Now 107 Milk, Butter and Cheese 114 "Black and White Days" 119 Seed Potatoes 124 Fish Hatchery 126 Chapter VI EARLY DOCTORS: KACKLEY AND HUBBARD 129 A Savior in the Valley 131 That Wonderful Country Doctor 134 Those Who Came Later 135 Chapter VII THE WOMEN 139 VII Chapter VIII OUR SCHOOLS 147 Chapter IX A THRIVING VILLAGE 171 A Thriving Village 173 Bank 184 Telephone Company 185 Newspapers 186 Post Office 187 Cemetery 188 Early Hotels 189 The Village Blacksmith 192 City Park . Merrill 556 Early Settlers (listed) 557 Credits and Sources 560 Index 561 VIII Have You Ever Lived in Gem Valley?

" — Poem by Elsie Hubbard IX Chapter I BEGINNINGS i Indians, Fur Trappers, California Gold-Seekers 3 Chapter II THEN THEY CAME: THE HOMESTEADERS 9 A Valley Comes Alive 11 Gentile Valley — The Why and Wherefore 14 A Closer Look at: Mound Valley 16 Thatcher 21 Trout Creek (Lago) 27 Cleveland 32 Grace (early) 37 Turner 42 Central 46 Bench 50 Niter '. Have you ever lived in Gem Valley, when the spring- time breezes blow — When old nature seems to answer, to the sun's warm golden glow?

We have tried to the best of our ability to authenticate all material used in the history of our valley.

In the personal biographies, the authenticity of informa- tion, the correctness of dates, and spelling of names is the responsibility of those who have turned them in. We do accept responsibility and apologize for any typographical errors which will undoubtedly occur.

For this honor she will receive a copy of the book without charge.

If you have never lived in Gem Valley, and the spirit of the West Never touched your heart and conscience, you have missed of life the best; And methinks this charming valley would ne'er have been so fair, Had not the wise Creator planned it all and put it there.

by Elsie Hubbard IX X r -^^ggjp^ipv "-^ CHAPTER I Beginnings "Early in February Ogden moved his camp across Gem Valley to the Bear River, near where Grace is now. Geological Service in Denver, Colorado, formerly of Bancroft, Idaho. e LACK FOOT Tj X ^LAVA FIELD %\ Index map of northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, showing location of Gem Valley.

Compiled AND Edited by Vivian Simmons and Ruth Varley Published by the Grace Literary Club G. It is arranged in two parts — a history of the valley, and a collection of personal biographies of those who have helped in its growth and development.

UTAH 84332 DEDICATED To the memory of those illustrious and courageous pioneers of Gem Valley, whose hard labor and foresight made it all possible — and to living pioneers, Charles W.

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Our thanks and appreciation to Nadine Rich for her diligence in collec- ting resource material in the initial stages of our book; also ... We owe a very special thanks to the people who expressed their faith in us by paying for their books before they were printed, and especially do we thank Charlotte Peterson for her efficient record keeping and taking care of our book finances.

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