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Roads w^Ciniter Mewed at his residence and prior to being interrv: ^^e^he; ■ wa S; advised by; SA. tp/ma Re '-a' " statement ■ and that any statement ■•he ;;mhkb ;cc^ : id be used against him. He tas" ^yisei5o^':bis Tight to consult an attorney if he '■so' desired/, / '• V BYRD advised that he is employed as a salesman for the Greenlajvn Memorial Park Cemetery,, Morgantown Road, Natchez, Mississippi. Kiu^ ' Klan of Mississippi, nor any other Ku Klux Kian group/ , He said he does nbt know any members of the ^uz : Klab or of their past present ? -/He 'said he did not know any of the leaders of this organizafion and could not r,ecall how many members attended these meetings;. to the above, the following descriptive data, concerning BYRD was obtained- through observe t ion and interview / f . Date dictated 7/10/64 This document contains neither recommendations, nor conclusions of the FBI.

BYRD advised that his wife also, joined f his organ i- zat ion but that she attended only a few meetings and, Las not been too j'active ’ in organization. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency;; It and its contents are not to 1 be distributed outside your agency.

’ \ Former Employment Present Employment Automobile # 151 Liberty Road, s Natchez, Mississippi (1963-64) ; Route 1, Box 244, Woodville , Mississippi (4$ to 5 years) ; Route 4, Bbx 16, - : Natchez, Mississippi (1958 to 1963) Paper Mill Company, Natchez, Mississippi (1958 to 1963) Green lawp Memorial Park, Morgantown Road, Natchez , Miss iss ippi , for past six or seven months 1962 Ford fourr door, beige in color, Mississippi license 1-7998 , Adams County HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 5 OPTIONAL^ FORM NO. : ^r^WX^-^.^ : Mississippx ; ' to .-'attempt to work out such an agreement fmir yy M:\ ss is sipp lis /' to attempt ' ^ stated that at the present time,, there are' f Q ui-|gjp^^; yf£t.

10 5010-104-01 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum Ti A% to 0AXEANS (157-2413) date: HEIM F* BUMS of iclm mb violence, STATES OF LOUISIANA AMD MISS m m msm sippi cm. .advised he has heard rumors within the last two ©r three montns tnat some Crossroads, and possibly Pop,ai*viile # Mississippi, residents hare been a ttending Eu . Man Meet Mgau allegedly to the Legalusa, Louisiana area*, I ~1 advised |se has ho- indication that there is an active Man group organised in Pearl River County yet, but he stated he felt. there is no association ^^Howe ve r B ILLY;; ^CKLE 3 , ■ ; ttie Grand Giant at.

mmmm L : ;/ ; F0IA(b) (7 ) (D) coufid^atialiv (project 1 toent ityl on 7717/04 that lie ws a tom l ocated about tea mile/ Sort Eo FTlae Crossroa ds Gbssaiaalty to fiarl Ritel County, ilissia alfpl . ■ lie advised he goes to this farm for the weekend about one weekend out of each month. sure that with the increased racial ten sion in — Mississippi^ there i411 .ultimately fee- a group to the county, advised that if such' a group is-'fofp Ody' he feels that Pearl River uounty * J* P* WALKER undoubtedly will, fee, associated with the group* . if a klansman sees an and wishes to determine a klan finger in a horizontal position : his right in 4 ividus^ : £^ ■ - ' ’ ,.

L jspecif ically requested && that hi s identity no t be divulged and furnished the informa-j|f tion to L on a highly conf idential bas is .

HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 3 NO 157-1962; 157-1340,/jas Birth Data Height Weight Hair Eyes Marital Status / Children Military Service Social Security # Education Selective Service Board where registered Arrests Relat ives FOIA(b) (6) FOIA(b) (7 ) North Louisiana (Bienville Parish) 5 ' 9 ^" 148 pounds Brown (crew cut) Blue Married; wife - GLADYS, nee SANDERSON , of Wilkinson County , Mississippi Three; two boys, one girl None High school completed Liberty, Mississippi Admits one in Magnolia, Mis- sissippi, about 13 years ago for speeding Brothers - LESLIE BYRD, 3828 Brady Street , Baton Rouge, Lou isiana ; JERRY BYRD (14) , Route 1 , Liberty, Mississippi; RONALD BYRD (21) , Street unknown, - Baker, Louisiana; Mother - VARA BYRD Father - WILLIAM ALVIN BYRD, Route 1, Liberty, Mississippi Sisters LELIA BYRD (.16) Route 1 , Liberty, Mississippi Mrs. Mis^ipp nameiy Vpbe'^Or iginal Knights of the Ku IClux Klan ' (Louisiana)-;- ' the Mississippi: Knights yof the Ku Klux , ; V - .

SHARON TERRAL, Street unknown, Baker , Lou is iana HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 4 NO 157-1962; 157-1340/ jas Farmer Residences ./ ' . y : ; MK'K’KK’ ) (Gu 1 f Coast of Mississippi) ; the United Klans Vp. (UKA) (Tuscaloosa, Alabama, operating in the Pike - P: : '’ -V,- ^ ..

Our database shows there are 0 registered Sex Offenders in Leake County, MS, a ratio of 0.00 Sex Offenders per 10,000 residents.

This is lower than the national average of 20.37 Sex Offenders per 10,000 residents.

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/& 7-^3**5t S v HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 12 ... Via airtel (Type in plaintext or code) (Precedence) 5/11 m (Date) To: SAC , Albany /From: Director, FBI MICHAEL MEEROPOL, et al . Also furnished each field office was a list of the names on the Government's Witness List relating to the investigation and trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

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