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The other two companions went to Guangzhou and Yangzhou." The Imam Asim, also spelt Hashim, is said to have been one of the first Islamic missionaries in the region of China. The shrine site includes the reputed tomb of the Imam, a mosque, and several related tombs.

Hamada Hagras in which he recorded "With China unified under Yuan dynasty, traders were free to traverse China freely.

Muslim al‐Bahili (d 715) Invaded Khurasan (Central Asia) and closed to western Chinese borders.

In 751 the Chinese decided to fight the Arabs and assist the Turkish Uighurs, the Chinese army under the command of Gao Xian Zhi was defeated in Talas by Ziyad b.

"On the foothills of Mount Lingshan are the tombs of two of the four companions that Prophet Muhammad sent eastwards to preach Islam.

Known as the "Holy Tombs," they house the companions Sa-Ke-Zu and Wu-Ko-Shun—their Chinese names, of course.

The Tang dynasty's cosmopolitan culture, with its intensive contacts with Central Asia and its significant communities of (originally non-Muslim) Central and Western Asian merchants resident in Chinese cities, which helped the introduction of Islam.

One major project was the repair and inauguration of Chinese Grand Canal that linked Khanbalik (Beijing) in the north with Hangzhou on the coast in the south‐east.Hamada Hagras in which he recorded "The Umayyad period (661‐750) witnessed the great expansion of Islam to the east.In 713, the Umayyad campaign under the command of Qutayba b.Islam was brought to China during the Tang dynasty by Arab traders, who were primarily concerned with trading and commerce.It was because of this low profile that the 845 anti-Buddhist edict during the Great Anti-Buddhist Persecution said absolutely nothing about Islam.

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