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It keeps a list of offsets from the top, bottom, left and right and moves the prim when it is first attached by that offset.

Ity also forces the prim to face in a know direction, just in case it is accidentally rotated by the end-user.// // If the HUD pops off-screen, wear another HUD, press Ctrl-3 to go into edit mode, click the other HUD, and use the scroll wheel to zoom out.

//// The HUD positioner is designed to set the HUD into a 'preferred' position whenever it get attached.

// If the user moves it, and re-attaches it to the same spot, it ignores the hard-coded settings.

// By going back to the build mode (menu "View Build B". Click somewhere on the floor to create an object (whatever it is, cube, cylinder...).

Here it is important to set the name "Archipelis Base" to this object. Double click on the script called "New Script" that has been created.

You can call this object "Archipelis Rez" but it is not mandatory. Copy the content of the file called "Archipelis Rez.txt".

Replace the definition of the script by a paste action.

You will also need to teach this script with my Prim Animator scripts and a notecard called "Movement" before it will work.

You will see a line representing the edge of the 'normal' screen, and outside of it, hopefully, you will see the misplaced HUD.

// You can then grab it and move it back on-screen.

and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License at Chatbot for Personality Forge. Objects created with them may be under any license. Instructions are online ain my Blue Whale Project at Put this script in the root prim. Click the Name button and type in a name for the animation. Reset the script, and it wi9ll load the notecard and animate all prims.

// // When you are satisfied with the results, click "Remove" to delete all child prim scripts.

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