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Scandinavian dating introduction

Unlike their American counterpart, these Swedish cinnamon rolls have a more distinct spice flavor (cardamom along with cinnamon) and less sugar, which means they’re not so sticky and messy.

Herring can also be smoked for a more robust flavor.Swedish meatballs are usually smaller than your typical American meatball and can be pan-fried or baked in the oven, then accompanied by a white or brown sauce.Scandinavian cuisine is full of venison recipes – that’s because reindeer, roe deer, elk, and a wide variety of other kinds of deer are indigenous to the region.Highlighted below are seven beloved dishes perfect for your first steps into exploring this cuisine.The appetizer known as gravlax is raw salmon that’s cured in salt and sugar for several days, then sliced thin and served chilled.

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Most of these food have now come to be considered delicacies, especially in America, brought here by immigrants over the past two centuries.

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