Saudi arabia dating friends 2016

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Saudi arabia dating friends 2016

Being alone on the street would leave them in danger of being stopped as a prostitute!It is also not safe to walk alone as a woman, I often see cars stop to harass women walking alone in the hope that the woman may be a prostitute (some are) and at times the men can be overly forceful and abduct and rape women – something the woman is unlikely to be able to complain about if they are not a Saudi woman!It is the language of the Qur'an, the Holy Book of Islam, and of Arab poetry and literature.While spoken Arabic varies from country to country, classical Arabic has remained unchanged for centuries.How expats are treated in Saudi Arabia very much depends on where they have come from in the world, if you look Asian rather than western you will be treated fairly poorly as most Saudis will think you are the tea boy or the driver.

Your salary although large for back home is totally inadequate for you to do anything beyond your dormitory and at times your salary may be months late!For some this is an adventure and a chance to mix with people with a very different background and culture whilst for others it is a chore of immense proportions.Life in Saudi Arabia If you are living in Saudi Arabia and from the west then you are probably living in a comfortable villa on a western compound with the facilities that would normally be found on a small holiday camp in the Costa Del Sol.But this is Saudi Arabia, the birth place of the Muslim religion and the Saudi interpretation of the rules is extreme.Prayers are observed 5 times per day and everything stops, I mean everything; stores close, businesses stop and everyone goes to pray in the mosque, in the office or even in the street.

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My wife has been dragged into a car and had to use a knife to escape, a friend was grabbed outside our building (a nice neighborhood) by a man who tried to drag her into his car causing severe bruising before she managed to escape; the police did nothing because she was a Filipina!