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Sarah beeny dating website ireland

“The old way of selling houses was for the agent to decide and the client to obey,” she explains.“In the UK 95 per cent of all property searches are now made online, so that’s where you need to be. If you no longer deliver you will go out of business.” Tepilo was named after a fantasy castle in a story her architect father used to tell her when she was a kid.In 2005 the amateur matchmaker turned professional to launch a dating service for singles, Four years later she set up Tepilo, an online estate agency that is shaking up the UK market, charging a flat fee instead of the traditional UK agency commission average of two per cent plus VAT on property transactions.Then, someone from the BBC joined – the next day we had 600 people from the BBC, and then the BBC itself blocked the site.Being blocked by the Beeb felt like quite an achievement!Actually making money from the sheep won’t be our main focus – instead, we’re planning to do exciting things with the farm buildings.

By the third night they’d had enough and I chucked the rest away.” “Yes, houses are much more interesting than sandwiches, there’s logic to them and I'm interested in design and the concept of the home.

It’s an important skill in life as well as business and you can only learn it by taking risks and failing.” “Stay focused and don’t spread yourself too thin.

The most successful businesses I’ve launched are the ones where I’m totally committed. If I can't get my ideas past him they’re probably not good ideas.

You have to be passionate as businesses evolve with your heartbeat.

But launching the dating website My Single Friend in the early 2000s – before smartphones and swiping – was really exciting.

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