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Saginawdating com

Otherwise, the place has been given a coat of paint to erase all traces of the Generals' navy and gold, a new video board has been installed, and the lighting has been upgraded. The late 1960's design ethos of function over form lives in Flint, with one functional (if narrow) concourse around the top of the seating bowl, a few food stands and beer vendors, tiny bathrooms, and otherwise very little.

I'd certainly hope they'd get their collective dander up a little more for the Spirit, Sting or Spitfires.Few cities have had a rougher go of it over the past thirty or so years than Flint. But it remains what it always has been on so many levels - a blue-collar town that loves its hockey, and that outside of the core is not much different from any other mid-sized American city.A one industry town that lost its one industry isn't that remarkable, particularly in a place like Michigan, but whether it be because of poor publicity, Roger & Me, gross municipal mismanagement, or the fact that it's an independent city rather than a suburb like Newark or Trenton, Flint has become the American poster child for post-industrial malaise and decline. Assuming the hiccups of the first year of Rolf Nilsen's ownership are overcome rather than indicative of a larger future pattern, and assuming shy suburban Ontario parents aren't so scared of the water that they don't let little Chase come play for the Firebirds, there's no reason the team won't succeed.Arena ownership decided that it was too expensive to maintain ice in Cobo, so for the team's second season they had relocated to Joe Louis Arena.The following year the junior team decided to attach themselves to the popularity of the resurgent Red Wings, and in 1992-93 the Ambassadors became the Junior Red Wings.

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