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Router validating identity

Sometimes you may need to repeat this procedure before the router gets a valid external IP address.

Building construction can magnify the effects of interference.

It does a 4 packet handshake to connect/authenticate and then that's it. Now you can break WPA/WPA2 as well if you capture the handshake packets.

But unlike WEP which is just a matter of having like 100,000 packets and the pass phrase can be reconstructed, WPA/WPA2 cracking is more of a dictionary brute force thing.

Check out alternative "wired" solutions like "Home Plug" or other "Ethernet over power line" solution, or else lay CAT5 cables if you are in a bind.

Many manufacturers now use MIMO technology in their higher-end routers.

In extreme situations, your wireless signal may be blocked entirely, for example behind a chimney, a concrete core or an elevator shaft, or in a basement.

When she got it home she said she was getting this error message that her wireless wasn't working. I took it back to my house and it didn't have any problems connecting to the wireless router. OS- Windows XP SP3 Laptop- Compaq Presario V6000 Wireless Router- Netgear N 150 WNR1000v2 Cable Modem- Arris TM502G Browser IE 8 Thanks. Once the router settles, open another browser window and see if she can surf. If yes unplug the Ethernet from the laptop and try to connect wireless.These are usually the default settings for any retail router.Since these travel in a straight line, and do not bend around obstacles, construction features or furnishings create "wireless shadows" and troublesome reflections.For example, you can easily lose about 10 feet of effective wireless range for each typical wood-and-plaster wall or wooden floor that your signals traverse.Together with interference from other sources, the result may be that your wireless connection will be slower and more unreliable than you might expect in a particular location within your residence.

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