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Although Brown and Rihanna seemed to be the perfect match before he physically abused her, we are now curious about Chris Brown’s dating timeline.Celebrities are hardly vocal about their relationships and Chris Brown is no exception in this case.

They remained friends and in 2013, Rihanna confirmed that she and Brown had rekindled their relationship. In a May 2013 interview, Chris Brown stated that his relationship with Rihanna was over again.Sources have not confirmed whether or not Chris and Cydney are dating, but rumors are still flying that maybe they are!It has been rumored that Chris Brown and Ammika Harris were dating for almost a full year.Brown and Rihanna reconciled a few years later and dated on and off for several months until 2013.His probation finally ended in 2015, after it was extended following other legal problems.

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The singer said her father even broke her mother's nose.