Resistance 2 stats not updating Sex chat with natural bot

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Resistance 2 stats not updating

This means a unit's status resistance value changes less, the higher its status resistance is, and more, the lower it is.

However, this does not mean a reduction in effectiveness with multiple sources.

I count about 400,000 exp not being counted, Since my campaign exp is at 972,000 on my profile page, but under stats, my campaign exp is like 1,384,000 and counting.

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I hope so, then again I don't think I'd like to play against guys that are like 100 times better than me at the game which is what it seems happens on the European servers already, so playing on all servers would be a killer.

Ranked games should barely pit you against a Supreme Commander if your rank is low...though they might pit you against someone close, sometimes.

Status resistance affects all kind of debuffs, but generally only affects modifiers placed by enemies, and not ones placed by allies.

Status resistance does not affect all modifiers, there are some exceptions, mainly for technical reasons.

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I have beat the campaign twice, and played more than half way through co-op missions.

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