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Repairing mistakes in dating

We didn't have to ask ourselves, “What makes me happy?

” We just knew and made it our mission to do those happy things.

It can also signal that we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by someone.

But adulthood and responsibilities take us farther and farther away from the pure happiness of our youth.

We get so caught up in the work of life that we lose touch with the joy of living.

Fear, which was once an appropriate reaction to real and present danger, is now the reaction to any imagined negative outcome. Then fear begins to control us, limit us, and ultimately overtake us. What are the odds that the fearful thing will come to pass? You've grown up, secured your job, created a steady income, have a nice place to live, have a pretty decent lifestyle.

Fear is mostly a product of our imaginations, almost always without any true basis in reality. Leave no fear un-probed, until you become bored with fear. Now that your life is in good shape, what's the point of shaking it up? Staying stagnant stunts our potential for happiness.

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Become practiced at seeing fear as a weak and capricious companion, only useful when you are dealing with reality. We've spent a long time cultivating them, supporting them, proving to others that we have the last word on the subject. more tasks, more stuff, more paperwork, more events, more distractions. You may feel restless or bored, but things could be a whole lot worse. We are born with an enormous capacity for continued learning, personal growth, and new ways of living in the world.

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