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Renee zellweger is dating whop

They celebrated Loretta's birthday together, took a vacation in Palm Springs, went dancing, the usual. But, as Spence's guilt-ridden conscience got the better of him for his latest dalliance, so too did his drinking increase.As with Clark Gable, Spence kidded John: "It's a good thing you're good looking, because you can't act your way out of a paper bag." Duke would respond: "That's right, fats. Duke could keep up pretty well with the bottle, but the ladies did not imbibe and thus were left staring in horror at their drunken, sloppy men making asses of themselves.Carole understood Clark, and beneath his front-- where he was able to freeze people out and shut off internal emotions-- she knew that he was deeply upset by the blunder.Insecure about his acting in general, to have his performance universally panned was a hard thing for him to endure, especially after being crowned the "King." The King of what?The multiple ways that this romantic pair kidded each other over the years is, in itself, legendary.Carole too had no qualms about taking Clark down a peg or two when he started getting a little high on his pedestal or ornery, but her gags were mostly just an effect of her kooky sense of humor and meant to cheer people up, not poke fun.After Spence started the good fight to maintain his sobriety, his relationship with the still hard-drinking Gable grew less intense, but their sturdy respect and friendship remained.Clark admired Spence's talent, and Spence was envious of Clark's leading man power at the box office...

When handed the role of Irish politician Charles Stuart Parnell in 1937, he was not surprisingly a nervous wreck.

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When Clark-- and everyone in Culver City-- got the message, he flashed his old grin. Spence was taken by Loretta's great beauty and confused innocence.

Ironically, the two also had faith in common and even attended mass together.

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For a time, it was discussed between them that Spence really would end his marriage and wed Loretta.

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