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23, since the fourth Thursday in November on the World Calendar would always be on that date. All holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and the like are permanently fixed.

Triskaidekaphobes likely would not like this new setup; it would mean four Friday the 13ths every year. All ordinal day and week numbers within the year are also permanently fixed; Friday the 13th never occurs under this calendar."But there's a teensy drawback," vos Savant wrote.

It was then that Pope Gregory XIII stepped in and, with the advice of a German Jesuit mathematician and astronomer named Christopher Clavius, produced our current Gregorian calendar. This edict was most unpopular; many people felt that 10 days had been taken from their lives.

First, to catch things up, 10 days were omitted after Thursday, Oct. There were riots in the streets throughout Europe, and workers demanded their 10 days' pay — forgetting, conveniently, that they hadn't worked those 10 days! Next, to more closely match the length of the tropical year, "century years" were declared not to be leap years (though they had been leap years in the old Julian calendar).

The Gregorian calendar, however, was not adopted by the American Colonies until 1752.

Still, some people would like to see our calendar changed yet again.

Whether you’re a full time vanlifer or a self-builder, if you love campervans or are into all things tiny living; this is the festival for you.

Camp Quirky is an opportunity to meet new friends who share your passions. We welcome tents, caravan, motorhomes, bicycles, hammocks or just turn up on foot if you like!

And Greece held out even longer — all the way to 1923!

The Gregorian calendar has proven to be far superior to the Julian calendar.

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Joe Rao serves as an instructor and guest lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium.