Psp dating sim games english

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Psp dating sim games english

The action of the game takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Japanese culture, especially the Ainu people.

Player directs the actions of a teenage student gifted with the power to summon demons and fights against the threatening monsters led by Shadov.

Soon after the school year starts, Makoto and a group of other students are trapped inside the school building and a digitally-controlled mascot informs them that, in order to escape from the trap, one of them must murder someone else in such way that it will be impossible to find out who is guilty. First the player speaks with selected students, builds relations and learns interesting facts.

When the murder happens, the player is tasked with gathering evidence and testimonies.

He is accepted to an elite high school despite the fact that he cannot remember what he did to earn that honor.

During one of the school trips the class of the protagonist is imprisoned on a tropical island.

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Along with thirteen female companions, he sets out on a mission to defeat evil.

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