Primal diet dating

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Over 300 processes in your body requires magnesium to function, one of them being the production of energy.Your mitochondria uses magnesium in order to produce ATP (the body’s energy source).All you need is Medjool dates, raw almonds, salted caramel cashew butter (recipe linked), and good quality dark chocolate.Using dates to sweeten your hot chocolate not only adds a slightly thick richness to the drink, but it gives it a caramelized kind of flavor that’s so decadent.Paleo dieters typically like to avoid saturated fats and opt for leaner cuts of meat like chicken breast and turkey.They strongly support the research connecting saturated fats with increased cholesterol levels and heart disease.

And due to the lack of strenuous exercise, our population is suffering from several health and weight related diseases.

This recipe turns that combo into a chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s delicious and healthy with overripe banana, chopped dates, cashew butter, vanilla, coconut flour, and mini dairy-free chocolate chips.

This smoothie involves deliciously caramelized bananas, which takes it from tasty to fantastic.

have a lot of similarities and both diets are based off of evolutionary science.

They both believe the diet humans had 100,000 years ago before the agricultural revolution, was healthier than the Standard American diet.

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