Pisces dating a cancer man

Posted by / 04-Oct-2020 15:09

Pisces dating a cancer man

Just as with the fish, the crab’s everyday life is governed by his feelings almost entirely.

Both signs share a very sensitive heart that can leave them quite vulnerable to the more abrasive signs, even when joking.

Luckily they share the same views and needs here and will often enjoy an active sex life with a powerful and romantic emotional connection.

The outlook for this match is very good, but the Cancer man will need to be prepared to squash his own insecurities so that he can lead and make decisions.

He is not as selfless as the fish unless it involves his loved ones, in which he gives his all and can be extremely protective.

Unfortunately, he is well-known for streaks of moodiness, and the resulting lashing out may be too overwhelming for the sensitive Pisces woman.

She is perfectly happy spending every waking hour solving the problems of others if it is sure to make them smile.Pisces women are gentle spirits, known for their compassion and being dreamers.She is extremely emotional, which leaves her open to being easily wounded.Normally, powerful and protective signs are ideal for Pisces women, but they come with a catch, never coming close to relating to her on an emotional level.A Cancer man changes all of that, and the relief of finally being understood is heartwarming.

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Emotional connection is integral to both of them, and their twin empathetic and supportive personalities feed off of each other leaving them frequently in a state of comfort and bliss.