Pippa middleton dating george percy Dating sluts uk websites

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I wish George and Pippa a very successful dating career none the less.

They could decide they are not each other’s soul mates even then I hope they are happy.

In the past 9 months she has been rumoured to be dating various suitors.

From HRH Prince Harry to her latest speculated flame heir, George Percy who is in line to inherit the Duchy of Northumberland.

Spokesmen for both families declined to comment publicly on the report, but a Royal source said this afternoon that the claims were 'unfounded'.

pippa middleton bidding war, Such is the popularity of Pippa, the report was swiftly picked up by more than 30 news organisations around the world, including USA Today, CBS News, the New York Post, the Telegraph and the Times of India.

Can’t imagine Anne and their dating life was as cushy as ol’ Pips and Georgie’s is now.

However you could just imagine the public school lovers getting on brilliantly.

Nicknamed 'The Windsor of the North', it was bought by the 1st Lord Percy of Alnwick in the early 1300s.Not as impressive as her sister Kate’s high profile dating history (dating Wills out does anyone else who snags a aristocrat in the dating game).George Percy is an Old Etonian whose ancestor Henry the 6th earl fell in love with Anne Boleyn who was later stolen by Henry VIII.It was reported in today's Sun newspaper that the royal bridesmaid, 28, had followed in her sister's noble footsteps and is dating George Percy, pippa middleton bidding war, heir to the ancient Duchy of Northumberland.pippa middleton George Percy, The pile he will inherit, Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, which featured as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, has perched on the Border in some form for more than 1,000 years.

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Royal sources told the Daily Mail last year that Pippa's ex-boyfriend had never been entirely comfortable with her close friendship with Earl Percy.