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Currently, every US state, the US territories, and many American Indian nations have sex offender registries.Those registries can all be accessed and searched through the FBI website.Under the new law, registered sex offenders who have been convicted of an offense against a minor will no longer be able to use their current passports.

Furthermore, sex offenders that have been released from prison are put on 10yrs, 25yrs, 50yrs… -“Who is going to have a unique identifier added to their passport next? Don’t you think this law violates people’s right to privacy not everyone should be put in a box and not all sex offenders will travel just to exploit children.If you are a registered child sex offender, you should expect to receive a letter letting you know that your passport has been revoked.If you haven’t yet received such a letter, you may still want to apply for a new passport, especially if you have international travel plans in the coming months.And how about every Halloween we’re basically incarcerated again every Halloween each year I can’t even see my own grandchildren and give them treats at the front door This is why sex offenders need to rally together and fight back! Fought for the laws that protect me and was punished every time for the counties enjoyment. I’m not these things I made a stupid mistake as a neglected abused child and I’ve paid my time. He spent 7 years in prison and still has 11 of 13 years probation. If there were to be a rally, we would attend no matter where it was. Typically, the issuance of a passport is dependent on the terms of your sentencing. I am a RSO and would have the identifier on my passport.Now I have to have a passport that reports my crime. Thank God MS doesn’t do the sex offender “treatment”. The duration is at the discretion of the agency issuing you a passport- if you’re a U. I have never traveled internationally and am.planning to go to the Netherlands and check republic in 2019 and have contacted those embassies and I was told that it is up to airport immigration at my time of arrival.

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In all actually this law is nothing more than a “Gateway Law” because once we willingly let the Government violate the U. They can pass laws behind closed doors, in the cover of darkness that take people’s rights away. My view point is that other countries where children might be exploited should police there own.