Philippines laws dating age

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Philippines laws dating age

Some of these are not heavily enforced but you should still take note as they could be used against you if you get on someone’s bad side.

Human trafficking, rape, and other forms of violence against women and girls remain common in country, despite laws and protections in place to prevent such abuses.There have been several occasions where expats with good intentions have been arrested for accompanying a minor without relatives being preset. These are just a few examples of how laws can differ from your home country.In researching these laws above I found many other little quirks that would be foreign to most expats but left them out because of their obscurity and for brevity.There is a long list of people who can be denied entry to the Philippines.I have personally never been asked these types of questions when going through immigration but it is the law and I suppose it could be used against you if you had a bad attitude coming through the gates.

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Many of expat have found themselves in legal trouble (both criminal and civil) because of their ignorance from the law.

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