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I guess he will have to divorce his wife to sell ablums. [quote comment="98287"]I thought it was something with me but I noticed his lipsynching. He could've taken some more time off and get adjusted to his new life which is completely understandable. Just back it up with the cred we've come to known and love and bring it. [/quote] I don't know how you made a comment like that but clearly you don't know how people shoot videos. People don't seem to realize that all music is right now are one hit wonders for clubs but they can pass up real music. you look happy all smiles and on the show there seemed deep affection beyong acting. im a libra so i love a man into poetry and romantic.

I'm not feeling this moving mountain ballad and the lipsynching. EVERY artist that makes a VIDEO does not actually sing the song! This song is deep and the more I listen to it and watched that video the more you understand what he's saying. you got a good one gurl you got a good one This song is hot.

Moving mountains is a beautiful song and for the person that said ne-yo is better get a life and ne-yo only wrote one song on the album called his mistakes. TOO FUNNY no wonder why all my lovely artist keep falling off its these haters that dont no good music if it hit them upside there head. what does his boring music video have to do with the song or the c.d when you get a cd theres no images Congrats to Persia.

Usher is very talented and Im sick of reading all this negative comments on his video when it goes with the song and the song is a beautiful and very deep ballad. Glad you are able to tell what a real man is from what society considers is one.

Appreciate good music and Usher clearly makes good music. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of the generic "club scene" videos! Point is: Its hard as hell to top yourself, especially when you KNEW you were the shit!! I think this will be the first usher album I not going to get well Im keep it real I probably burn it but wont play as much [quote comment="98220"]At one point in the Usher vid I slight case of Deja Vu ('Can't Tell Me Nothing') *anybody! But because of his name he will probably get sympathy sells What's funny is that I posted in this section the other day that they'd gotten married.

You thought the music such as switchboards and all were there on cue..... This song is deep and the more I listen to it and watched that video the more you understand what he’s saying. *yawns* Moving Mountains is perhaps one of the best tracks on it. i bet if he was singing about peanut butter and jelly or about shut up trick and get in my ride. i mean really that moving mountains ish is NOT the hotness. child sing some gospel.your but back into church and sing for the lord..bottom line.. And why people always have to bring other artists in sections that do not have nothing to do with them.People need to learn what real music sound like and stray away from the crap that is so popular today. andd he camee bacckk buutt in a BIGG WAYY no joke ! ;) P-S; I lovee ur blogg i go on it every single dayy ! dont let these haters tell you nothing he's not my type of man but he's right for you.Moving mountain is pure genius [quote comment="98007"]i just couldnt watch the whole video for some reason...[/quote] Same with me I was so bored I pulled my head phones off and just ended the video. Lipsynching is for b-list popstars and Usher to my knowledge is mad talented. Has all the sudden changes knocked the wind out of him? looks never helped no one in making a marriage work or in a person's character.Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Kill A Man By Fire Who Stood Her Up » #Disneyland Fight Brawlers Catch Assault & Battery Charges, Facing Jail Time» WHOA!Paul Mooney DENIES 'Violating' Richard Pryor's Son After Bodyguard Drops Bombshell, Richard Pryor Jr.

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There was chemistry with them on the show and I hope it continues with marriage. I don't want to see him on a rock/cliff screaming .. I'm not feeling this moving mountain ballad and the lipsynching. other than love in this club I think the album will be wack. Is it me or does Usher seem off or lost on this album.

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